The Shiite National Alliance …… the largest responsible for the Shiites losses and the collapse of the state


Shiite insistence on their sectarian project “National Alliance” and their adherence to the guardianship of Iran on them at the time they were unable to provide a clear vision for the shape of the state they want that led to disrupting the role and effectiveness of the state with its basic institutions, “the Constitution, the legislative, the executive and the judiciary, the armed forces in all its formations, the independent popular power , pressure forces, the unions, the media, civil society organizations ,and the cultural, academic, and scientific elites.”
We can not imagine or accept the idea of having more than 200 Shi’ite lawmaker out of 328 that most of them meet in the framework of the national alliance , “more than 180 Deputy ” and that the coalition complain of the state failure and begging satisfaction of the “Sunnis and Kurds” and accuses them of failing, which hit the state and the political process? ! We are not fools to such a degree absolutely to be convinced with this deception, and even if this coalition managed to deceive millions of Shi’ites with this lie , taking advantage of religious and sectarian passion.
My point of view that the Sunees ‘ s response to the formation of the Awakening and the establishment of security in Sunni areas quite dramatically to the point that Iranian visitors were stopping at the late hours after midnight in Anbar Restaurants “by 160 km,” to take a break on their way to visit the Sayeda Zeinab in Syria after visiting religious sites in Iraq and they greeted by Anbarion with their known kindness and usual generosity and Anbar young people did their best to protect them and care for them until the arrival of the existing border crossing between Iraq and Syria. This behavior was not only stems from the Arab Anbarion morals but this represents a political position of homeland dreaming about it and this is a positive message of the Sunees that reflects the acceptance of partnership in the country that preserves their dignity and security regardless of the doctrine of the ruler. The Sunni political forces committed to public contexts of the political and constitutional process, despite their treatment and the treatment of their masses that they are always charged.
As for the Kurds, they, despite their commitment to hard-line for the Kurdish issue , a humanist and historical right to the sacrifices of the people of Kurdistan that can not be ignored and there is no doubt about it except for those unaware of the cause of this people and their oppression , but Kurdish forces practically engaged in political life in the federal capital and was along the line more positive in dealing with the interests of home than others, especially questions that are far away from the differences between the region and the federal capital, noting that the failure of the Shiites to respond with the constitutional and moral obligations in the application of Article 140 and other outstanding issues and the law of oil and gas issues is the biggest reason for the worsening crisis and make the Kurds more strict , and the lack of positive treatment with the Sunees , pushed them to be more strict and intense which facilitated the involvement of large numbers of youth in violence and terror groups, the most serious is Daash.
Messrs Sadr and Hakim have exerted permanent protest against the arrogance and flopping policies that characterized the Prime Minister of the Shiite alliance, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki where the positions and statements issued expressing the indignation of the supreme Shiite authority over the poor state management and the growing popular discontent and rising poverty, unemployment and widespread financial and administrative corruption and the deterioration of services and other issues that make Marjayat in great embarrassment in front of its supporters . Al- Sadr and Hakim ‘ sprotest and Sistani , s objection did not drive them out of the circle of responsibility because they clearly stood and always stand in favor of the Shiite sectarian mysterious project “National Alliance” especially the two important turbans in the Shiite Iraqi affairs and I mean here Al- Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim, because al-Sistani was and still is and will remain in elevated area from political life in the legal and constitutional or political dimensions as he is a source of inspiration for the believers and the safety valve for the Iraqis noting that he was eager that the Iraqis do not get involved in the blood shed of each other and issued dozens of statements and fatwa calling to avoid the bloodshed and build the state . there is no doubt that Al- Sadr and Hakim bear full responsibility for everything that happened and is happening for their insistence to stay in a sectarian lying alliance that does not have a vision and is not standing on the ground and the only reason for its existence is the acquisition of a premiership as a position and not as a responsibility.
The aim of this article is not to justify the Kurds and Sunnis errors which undoubtedly disastrous errors in many dimensions and does not put the responsibility on the Shiite community “as a social component ” for the destruction caused by thieves and ignorant and hesitant, but the main objective to stimulate critical spirit in the Shiite political awareness in recognition of the fact that can not be generalized and doubted , to say “that the Shiite political forces did not fail only to achieve a partnership that produces a state of institutions to ensure the safe future for generations of children of all the victims, but they failed to seize power in a way of a strong state even it was tyrannical or ideological ones, such as the Iranian experience.” In both cases, the biggest losers are the Shiites social component and the Iraqi state, especially if we take into account that this alliance was one of the most important reasons to weaken the Shiite liberal and secular forces ,and the biggest motivation for the Sunni or ethnic lineups at the expense of the state and citizenship project.
This article also aims to invite Messrs. Al-Sadr and al-Hakim to exceed the furious competition for political and religious fiefdoms “” centered on the great history of religious and struggle presence of the two families that produced the greatest Shiite Iraqi symbols , most notably Sayyid Mr. Mohsen al-Hakim and the martyr Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim and the two great Sadrs, they should go beyond this competition, and form an axis based on the Al –sistani ‘s principles in state-building and cease Iranian interventions that to commercialize with Shiites and their blood since the fall of Saddam until now in ugly way that exhausted the state and the community together and impose principles to ensure the promotion of the advancement of the political process and get it out from the plight of the National Alliance otherwise, they will loss more than the others in the coming days and the riding of Al- Syyid of a wave of popular anger of the poor political performance will not save him .
We are victims of miserable , helpless and false alliance caused the loss of children’s central and southern regions of kindergartens and green areas that keeps their childhood and their typical schools that make them candles to illuminate a major national renaissance on the land of Sumer and Akkad, we are the masses of the National Alliance and its voters are forced to criticize it and to declare our disappointment with it and their leaders and symbols and warn them that our patience is going to an end , either to undertake the responsibility as an alliance consists of “more than 180 deputy” or to give way to the national formations to save homeland and the people in the most dangerous and critical moments.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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