The security in Iraq: the absence of performance and professional


The Iraqi capital (Baghdad) has witnessed in recent days dire security situation, after a number of bombings of residential areas, shops and government institutions, which left a large number of victims among the dead and wounded.

These events indicated to the depth of lawlessness, and the weakness of the security and intelligence institutions and it has no realistic field vision that can during it to follow-up the intelligence data to prosecute the perpetrators, revealing their plans and dismantling their cells, and the arrest of their elements and foil their attitudes and foil their intentions to hit the domestic front of the country and weaken it.

It is known that the security services are the backbone of any political system in the world, and it is a hidden tool in which each country can secure its political and economic independence and protect its social, environmental and cultural security, and provide security and stability for its peoples and its citizens, and preserve their security and their property, and strengthen the close relationship between political leaders and the people, a relationship that can not be sustained and developed , but with a good security situation in which the citizen gains a confidence factors in his political regime and his government , its men and the security and intelligence institutions.

From here, the advanced and civilized nations seeking to strengthen the rightful place for its security organs by providing it with efficient sincere elements and faithful to its country , and its loyalty to its political system, seeking to provide security and tranquility to its people through providing all the success and progress requirements, and support the financial and armament support, and the establishment of research security centers and the establishment of training courses and joint coordination between all executive agencies in the country reaching to a successful image to create a realistic floor of common objectives, and frameworks with a purpose and ambitions to maintain the security of the country and the protection of it from the violations and terrorist operations, and ensure the protection of the political system ruling it.

The security agencies in any country of the world is a key supporter of keeping the security of the citizen and his safety, and to ensure his comfort and the achievement of the national security for him to prevent the enemies and their plans to undermine the sovereignty and security of the country in which he lives, that these organs have the approach to achieve what is already mentioned represented by having an accurate strategy plans regarding on how to draw a basic framework, and achieving security by undermining the hostile actions, and finding activities to thwart any scheme intended to touch the national security of the country.

And since 2003, Iraq and its security and sovereignty has become under the influence and the tendencies of those who governed, and controlled it as the result of the US invasion, and the influence of Iran and manipulation with its political, military and security potential and fate, and because of these situations , the Iraqi security services have become questionable about how much seriousness it was in addressing the deteriorating security situation and the bad state in the country.

The sequences of all these standards have occurred because of the wrong policies and personal domination, and the shallow style in dealing taken by former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al -Maliki , who ruled Iraq for eight years in dealing with the leaders of the security services, and the choice of weak , corrupt and incompetent commanders and his successor Haider al – Abadi could not succeed to change policies and
security leaders in Iraq, therefore it has been characterized by the following phenomena:

the lack of security services for a clear security strategy and and precise that address the security field situation experienced by Iraq and its people, and the lack of security vision , lack of an integrated theory that defines pathways to maintain security.
Following the politicization policy in running the security services, and engaged elements of the political parties and blocks to get involved and work in its divisions in pretext of loyalty and belonging to these parties, or by ties and factional interests and sectarianism, which in turn weakened the efficiency and professionalism of these devices.
the lack of legal and professional matter, and the weakness of the follow-up of the security commanders about their actions and not to ask them, or transfer them for investigation and interrogate them in the event of any breach of security, no matter what the consequences and sacrifices among the people.
the security leaders are too far from the data of the field reality on the ground, and not to strengthen their relationship with citizens who seemed not trust the security and intelligence services but seemed to feel and openly expressed being behind these events due to their neglect and lack of security plans.
The absence of the national affiliation and concern for the security of the country because of sectarian and partisan and racial and ethnic loyalties that characterize the political process in Iraq, and the presence of self-interest, which has become the main criterion in the lives of workers in these devices.
the missing of the basic principles of the rules of military control and discipline that characterizes the security and military institutions, and a lot of workers in these services did not absorb of these rules or the commitment of it , so that reflected negatively on the preparation process, and vocational and professional training of the work of these services.
7.To choose all the heads of the security services from the leaders of organizations operating within the Dawa Party, which is characterized by its weakness and lack of seriousness and its limited ability but they only meet to the support of the leadership of Dawa party and loyalty to them.

The absence of the capable professional leaders to achieve strategic security goals with the highest degrees of maturity and objectivity; so they can be to determine the responsibilities and tasks, and support the compliance with laws and regulations so as to contribute to building a bridge of communication with citizens.
the contexts of the work of these services are away from the protection of the citizen, and to achieve his safe as far as their pursuit of the Governor’s security, and to put all its capabilities to his service and support his rule. There are no clear policy in all of the security services as well as the corruption of the security and the lack of seriousness to work and the spread of bribery and nepotism among them, lack the living link between the citizen and the security forces to be the eye of the state and sensor sensing for it that help in the detection of a security defect in the country.

large number ofprisons and detention centers, and increased arrests that swept Iraq during the rule ofal – Maliki as a natural result of his failed policy , and do not absorb the fact that the external security threat facing Iraq as the limited role of the security services in the follow – up to the citizen movement, and harming him and his life and grab his freedom and prevent him from expressing his views and intellectual beliefs.
These indicators and directories but stresses the fact that Iraq is still living a stage of the security industry, and that had a lot of mechanisms, and strategic plans that it has to pursue and act upon to secure stability for its people, and build a solid security base of a vocational and professional security away from partisan quotas and sectarianism, and work with national direction and awareness of love Iraq and defend it.
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