The Canadian government and the opposition: the bright side of democracy


When talking about democratic systems , the wide gap appears between the use of the term democracy to sing it, and the actual application of its finest forms, which is lacking in the majority of countries of the international community, even those which describes itself as a democracy.

A video spread on YouTube site where it appears the head of the Canadian opposition, “Rona Ambrose,” and President of the Canadian government, the young man, “Justin Pierre” and “James Trudeau” appears in the televised debate between them on the air, and shows how the Canadian Prime Minister receives the opposition ‘s interpellations and charges with broad and open-minded, and how to respond to the opposition in tactful and practical indeed.

The Debate was taken place in the month of the last February within the corridors of the Canadian Parliament on a number of issues pertaining to the financial and economic policies, as well as foreign of the Canadian government.

As it is clear in the debate record, we see the extent of awareness between the two sides, that the opposition President criticized the prime minister and his ministers without having to go out for public taste, while the reply came from the prime minister in the same way without there being any personification of the issue , but to clarify the mechanism of the government’ s action and its promises.

Here , the suprem aspects of the democratic culture appear in terms the balance between the government and opposition, without transgression of one over the other, in addition to the practice of opposition to its supervisory role of the government, without having the purpose of retribution, but rather assess the government track and achieve the supreme interest of the nation despite the differences in the methods or the details.

This has been appeared through acclaim of the leader of the opposition in respect of the performance of the government relating to the budget and reduce the deficit, however, the question was about the importance of what is happening in this regard, which confirms the above that the purpose of any question of the government but also involves the interests of citizens and society as a whole.

Here it must be noted the difference between what is said and what is happening from the battles that to rise to the use of firearms within the Arab parliaments, even among the deputies themselves, to see that democracy is not a slogan to be sang , but it is an integrated system of life.

And the specialists in political science see that the opposition can be seen from the perspective of the multiple value inherent in democracy that means a plurality of views, ideas and a multiparty system, programs and pluralistic solutions to problems, and it follows that the opposition play an essential role and function in democratic systems as one of the democratic system components and which is necessarily divided to the Government and the opposition.

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