Saraya al-khorasani :The new influence in Iraq


Iranian arms started , that were developed , created, trained and supported with money and weapons , to appear in a clear and effective way in all Arab cities and capitals especially since the Iranian project has become a realistic case taking place in all the countries of the Arab region and in particular the Arab Gulf states after the Arab situation and the problems experienced by the Arab people and the difference in the vision and objectives on how to address the suffering of national and regional security of the area have become the main reasons for the intellectual , political and security fissures among those in charge of Arab affairs, making Iran moving and seize opportunities to expand its arms and implements its expansionist policy and its expansionist project towards the Arab nation and their capitals.
After the events taken place in Iraq in recent weeks and the voices that called for reform and the formation of a technocratic and sit – ins and protests by the Iraqi masses to obtain their rights and preserve the gains and dreams to live decently that establishes a happy life where all social and health care are available and raise the standard of living for their children and their people, which ended dramatically and led to the storming and entry to the Iraqi parliament hall and raising slogans that call to bring down the parliament and the government and starting to establish a new political life that is far from sectarian quotas and raise slogans to emphasize the sovereignty and independence of Iraq and prevent the regional and international intervention to its internal affairs , particularly from Iran and its leaders , and leaders of its militias who control the Iraqi political decision and the leadership of the country and to choose its ministers and determine their own political future.
This matter formed a political and field surprise and Iranian upset and fear of the failure of the expansionist project sought by Iranian officials, and the impact of these events and slogans on their tools and their arms in Baghdad and threatening the continuation of the political process and its characters in Iraq, who have the support of the Tehran government.
The Iranian security and intelligence services proceeded directing its militia arms and their leaders to be present in the important and strategic places of the capital Baghdad and near the green Zone and beyond it to protect the Iraqi politicians linked to Iran and its agencies and tighten security situation and take the necessary measures to the protection of Baghdad.
The public appearance in the field of the ( Saraya al-khorasani ) has come to confirm the fact of the Iran ‘s expansionist project in Iraq in the presence of the elements of this formation that works under the direction of Iran and responsibility (Ali Yasiri) who announced that (this Saraya follow the velayat – e faqih in Iran and do not follow the Baghdad government that did not announce the velayat – e faqih) and confirmed (We owe allegiance to Khamenei ,because he provides us with everything we need of support) and he claimed (that Islam does not recognize Iraq or other and we do what Islam wants and take our orders from Khamenei being our master) also confirmed that the founder of ( Saraya al-khorasani ) is Gen. Hamid Takawi , who was killed in military confrontations that took place a few months ago in the city of Tikrit in Salahuddin province and he described (Qassem Soleimani) as the sheikh – Al – Mujahideen and that the de facto leader of the Islamic resistance in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain.
The financing of ( Saraya al-khorasani ) is carried out through the support of the Iranian intelligence services and assisted by establishing the subsidized economic projects in Iraq , and those in charge for this formation are seeking to have their important role in the political process in Iraq and that Saraya fighters to be involved with the formations of the popular crowd fighting in areas of Iraqi cities experiencing military conflicts and confrontations and also involved with Iraqi militias in the armed confrontation inside Syrian territory in support of the regime in Damascus.
This Saraya is one of the brigades of special missions associated with the Corps of al-Quds (Jerusalem)

in Iraq and the Iranian Revolutionary guards taking from the military mark a sign of the movement and fighters of this Saraya receive the Iranian military support of providing them with light and medium arms like any other armed militias using vehicles type pickup and download vehicles and military Hummer vehicles , four-wheel drive vehicles and the fighters carry various kinds of small arms , Kalashnikovs and sniping tools and howitzer RPG rocket ships and using mortars (60,82,100,120,) mm of different sizes and missiles type Katyusha with a small rocket launcher of small size and Iranian made.
This field presence on the land of Iraq and control over its policy and influence its decisions and threatens its internal security and use all these weapons to influence the security situation inside the city of Baghdad and the provincial centers and the Iraqi Central and southern cities but underlines the fact the Iranian orientation in reliance on armed sectarian arms , whether in Iraq or Syria and what is happening today is an ideal moment and the favorable opportunity that can not be missed by Iran in seeking to revive its regional role in the region and to present itself as the incarnation the fact of (Revolutionary Islam) relying on allies representing political movements who were able to consolidate their power to control the institutions of governance in their countries (such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen) and work to secure the interests of Iran and the consolidation to the strategy of Iranian expanding and influence in their country.
Ambitions of Iran and its greediness that to become the dominant power in the region is not new but is an old historic position as Iran is looking to extend its hegemony and control over the Arabian Gulf and the wider Middle East and perhaps the Iranian project and its reasons and justifications and intellectual obsession are existed in the minds of Iranian leaders when they speak that their goal is to lead the Muslim world , and they will not stop in Syria , in addition to the arrogant look of the dependency of Arab countries to Empire of Persia.

These ideas and the strategic objectives of Iran require serious and clear Arab stance to preserve the Arab national and regional security toward the Iranian expansionary project and the concentration of joint efforts to stop this expansion and its impact on the Arab region and specifically the Gulf region.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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