Sadiq Khan …A practical lesson in the British citizenship


The final official results of the elections of the mayor of the British capital announced the win of the labor attorney Sadiq Khan as the mayor of municipality of London, to become the first Muslim who assume office as mayor of a major Western capital, and received the keys of London. The results showed , published on Saturday, that Khan 45 years old , son of a Pakistani immigrant who was working as a bus driver , has got 1,000,310 thousand and 143 votes against 994 thousand and 614 votes obtained by his rival the most prominent Conservative Zac Goldsmith (41 years), the son of billionaire Jimmy Goldsmith. ,and the labor Party announced earlier yesterday the victory of its candidate for the mayor of the municipality of the capital.
In his first speech after the release of the official results of the election, the new mayor of London promised to be a mayor for all Londoners, and Sadiq Khan said “These elections have not been made without controversy, and I am proud to see that London has chosen today the hope instead of fear and unity rather than division.” . “I hope not to be again in front of a difficult choice to this degree. Fear does not bring us more secure, it makes us weaker, and the policy of fear is not welcome in our city, “. analysts said that his modest past has played a role in his election in the capital that tend to the left and is boasted of its numerous culture .
Sadiq Khan was born on October 8 of 1970 in Tooting , London of a simple family emigrated from Pakistan in the sixties, and his father was a bus driver for 25 years. And Sadiq Khan studied law at the University , North of London. And Sadiq Khan worked as a lawyer and succeeded in establishing special company in this field with fifty employees , specializing to pursue the victims of the discrimination and human rights issues , and khan stressed that his life is not confined to politics, and says he devoted as much as possible a time to his wife and two daughters, and to meet with his brothers living in London. he does not hide his passion for sports, especially football, boxing, cricket ,and he said that he participated in the marathon of London 2014 and concerning his political experience, Khan joined the Labour Party, and was the youngest elected one to the membership of a local council in London when he joined in 1994 the Council of Tooting when he was 23 years old.
Khan was elected for membership in the House of Commons in 2005, and appointed by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in June 2007 to the post of government adviser of the Parliament, and he was under secretary of the Ministry of Communities and Local Government Affairs in October 2008, then Minister of State for Transport in June 2009 .
Sadiq Khan served as transport minister in the shadow cabinet formed by the Labour Party in May 2010, and managed the campaign of the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, during his candidacy for internal elections for the party leadership in September 2010. The newspaper , independent ,called him that he “do not lose” in view of his successful track in the elections run by him during his political career.

This victory is not read , which is a historical precedent in the history of the United Kingdom based on good preparations to run in the municipal elections by the Labour Party, but its reading comes in accordance with the historical context of the United Kingdom as the UK, which has a long history characterized by, the multiplicity of cultures and nationalities and ethnicities and sects, and this is the result of the Roman , Greek and Germanic acculturation, and during many centuries in which a variety of people were stabilized, either through the invasion and occupation operations or to escape political or religious persecution , and at the end of the tenth century AD , the enlightenment and rationalism movement and grab of the holiness of the king and the clergy were grown in Britain , and the separating boundaries between the King’s role and the role of Church had become clearer, and as a result of this movement , the humanitarian and cultural concepts were spread backed by the laws and the foundations of the modern state, noting that the philosophers and thinkers have played such as “Johnstjurat Mail” and “John Locke” a role in the consolidation of the liberal system in the nineteenth century, so Britain has become the first commercial and industrial state in the modern world , noting that the state policy, particularly in the expansion of public freedoms and respect for international conventions and values of human rights, led to the high number of asylum seekers in Britain, and the diverse communities were gradually integrated into British society to varying degrees, and have obtained an increasing role in the cultural interaction.
It is worth noting that the thing that encouraged the consolidation of the idea of integration of non – British communities who came to the United Kingdom from different continents, is the faith of the British community of humanitarian values and perhaps the most important of these values are the tolerance and religious tolerance as these two values are considered the main social force that characterize British society, based on excellence life is for all that can be protected in the context of allowing the freedom of expression for all views, and open the way for everyone in the access to power, noting in the British case ,the values are mixed with the social and political realism, and the best evidence of this harmony is Sadiq Khan who won the post of mayor of London, because this win is linked to the value of religious tolerance, which stresses the freedom of religious belief of the members on the grounds that religious beliefs are considered the core of personal freedoms.
British experience in Sadiq Khan ‘s win to the post of mayor of the municipality of London produces a practical lesson in upholding the principle of tolerance and multiculturalism based on human values as one of the most important elements of the social peace, noting that the results of London municipality elections have formed a real interaction between those values. This interaction helped in earnest way the British Sadiq Khan of Pakistani origin from national aspect and the Muslim of the religious aspect to become as mayor of the municipality of European country that embrace the Anglican doctrine of the Christian religion as the official religion of the state, it means a remarkable achievement on the human level, which is for the British people a source of strength and enrichment of comprehensive British identity and hence we establish to say which future that Britain is prepared to follow for the twenty one century.

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