Administrative Slouch in Iraq deepens the crises


Administrative slouch is linked to the administrative imbalances in social organizations that it is a real plague for the destiny of this country , and feed on the bounties of the peoples and their resources. In fact the subject of slouch in the state institutions can not separated from administrative corruption. Both are two sides of the same coin and the outcome is looting and loss of the country’s resources.

Administrative slouch and poor administrative planning are the largest reasons for the failure of planning, and the absence of reform, whether economic or social, even political ones , as well as the largest results of the government corruption.

Iraq is a unique case of the administrative slack that can not be found in other countries in the region and possibly the whole world, especially with the army of personnel who exhausted the budget of the country which is already exhausted, not to mention the salaries they receive.

Data indicate the presence of more than 4,800 employees with a degree of director general in the Iraqi government, and of course behind every director general there are a number of employees who are as follows: The Secretary, the Director of the Office , Driver 2, members of the protection 5 and reporter 2 .

If we tackled the subject from sports angle, we find the following equation:

The number of general managers in Iraq = 4800

Number of personnel of each manager = 12

12 × 4800 = 57600 employees

We can imagine how much the army of employees cost the Iraqi treasury , the size of expenses of these offices regarding the hospitality expenses and side expenditures , we will find that the figure is very huge and rally exhausting on the state treasury.

It did not stop at the previously mentioned, but goes beyond that the administrative structure is suffering from slack as a result of the presence of more than 713 degrees with a post of Undersecretary of the Ministry, which contributes to fatigue the state budget.

In the same previous equation, we find that it is similar, where each Undersecretary of the Ministry has a number of employees who follow him.

12 × 713 = 8556 employees

These figures reveal the size of the confusion in the institutional structure, and the size of the waste of public money and all this pour to the crucible of the absence of control and rampant of the unemployment and burdening the treasury over its capacity.

Interestingly, in this case that the number of government ministries are 22 ministries, especially after a reduction last year, and the question to be suggested what is the work of the army employees, and whether the state really need such a large number for the conduct of its affairs?

In Iraq’s neighboring countries, and in its superiority number, such as Turkey, the number of government ministries up to about 18 ministries, meaning that the number of ministries in the state is considered at the forefront of countries in the region economically and militarily, and progress are less than that of Iraq, however, we see that Turkey achieved a very significant economic growth and development in the all areas noting that Turkey has a population of nearly 76 million people, while the number of the population in Iraq, around 37 million people, but the difference is clear as we have seen.

Had we passed it to countries outside the region, we see that the most powerful country in the world the United States that the number of its ministries does not exceed 14 ministry, and does not need to show the size of the development and progress, which led it to be the first country globally.

Iraq today is going through a very delicate stage, and the government today is responsible to take very quick and decisive steps for the feminine in state institutions and the restructuring of ministries and public institutions that there is no need for its presence and activation of control, thus reducing expenses , salaries and necessary allowances for these general managers, agents and others who are similar to them , Add to reduce personnel of protections and their allotments and for us to imagine how much this move will save for the state treasury, to be able to direct these funds to projects that have a good economic return on the people and the state as a whole.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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