Nukhayib potential confrontation


The recent developments in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran led to enhance the role of the confrontation between them and reduce hostile activities sought by Iran to interfere in Saudi and the Gulf affairs, and this escalation was represented in the withdrawal of ambassadors from both countries and to stop the political and economic activities between them in addition to the escalation of the pace of political and media discourse between the two countries and the investment of the close relationship possessed by Saudi Arabia with the world ‘s countries in international , regional and Arab decision-making as Iran is seeking to have influence on the countries and interfere  in the Middle East and the Arab region, particularly the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) and disclose the tactics and plans that frame the strong fundamentals of the Iranian expansion project in the region.
From this point , the executive organs and Saudi institutions have been devoted to follow up on the presence of Iranian  hands in the Arab countries and the surrounding of the Saudi Arabia so there was the indirect military confrontation on the land of Happy Yemen in the ongoing military conflict with the Houthis and to stop the Iranian tide and crawl seeking to take control of Yemen and water straits in it and control the Strait of Bab el Mandeb and hit the Lebanese Hezbollah on the land of Lebanon, and considered it a terrorist party and disclose its orientations and objectives of the intervention and participation in fighting on Syrian territory, and the Gulf cooperation Council resolutions were taken at a recent meeting in the Saudi capital Riyadh to emphasize the importance of the face of expansionist political project of Iran in the Arab region and to find all the ways to abort and to address it and all forms of terrorism facing the Arab nation through the announcement of the formation of ( Arab coalition) military, political coalition led by Saudi Arabia now moving to maintain its national security and for the security of the Arabian Gulf countries and the preservation of water and strategic corridors in the middle East in order to achieve the international and regional security to the world.
the confrontation of Iran for all  what was planned by Saudi Arabia and its military and security  services took divergent trends and expansive objectives and use of all its branches, including the(armed militias) associated with it and located on Iraqi land, and for the continuation of undeclared confrontation , Iran has moved a number of factions and militias associated with it to work and presence in strategic and important areas and near the Iraqi -Saudi border  noting that they are messages directed to the Saudi government to indicate the ability of Iran’s influence on the nature of the national security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , especially Iran ‘s military voice in Iraq and broad political influence and control on the field achieved after the US occupation of Iraq in April 9, 2003 and the support and backing of the Government of Iran to the Iraqi successive governments, which coincided with the US invasion of Iraq and continue to pump enormous money and the formation of a military and fighting factions and militias linked to security and intelligence services and receiving the support and backing of the leadership of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Iranian Quds which is supervised by Qassem Soleimani , and the purpose of Iran from this approach  is to make Iraq in its security circle and impose its hegemony on the Iraqi soil.
So in this regard it has been formed more than (50) faction belonging to so – called formations of the popular crowd that it was announced about them after the events that led to the control of state regulation on the city of Mosul on June 9, 2014 and the continuation of its expansion and march up to the outskirts of Baghdad.
The number of populr crowd fighters reached (1,000,000) million and field leaders linked with Iranian influential security services , assumed the process of the control and guidance to these formations motivated by sectarian and authoritarian, military motive and sought to achieve material privileges and control over the security, military and field situation in Iraq.
The most prominent of these formations are (Hezbollah Brigades , peace Saraya , Kherasan brigade, Abbas brigade) and these militias managed of presence and fighting in All areas which witnessed a military conflict between the security , military Iraqi forces and fighters of the state regulation in the areas of (Jurf al-Sakhar , Samarra, Tikrit and Beiji and Muqdadiyah and Jalawla) and in order to enhance Iran ‘s presence and its quest to extend its influence and presence in the Iraqi field , these militias sought to be in the ( Nukhayib district ) that is belong to the province of Anbar and Iran worked to guide policy – makers in Iraq on the need to work on the annexation of Nukhayib district to the administrative units in the province of Karbala within the sectarian goals and directions sought by Iran in promoting Shiite presence and identify frameworks and control places of it in the areas of the (Sunni character) and this purpose was achieved with the decision of the government in Baghdad and it was annexed (al- Nukhayib district) to the city of Karbala.
and the militias proceeded to come and present with its military formations , equipments and weapons and set up headquarters in the center of the district and justified this presence by targeting this area and try to control it by the ISIL and and its quest to threaten the security situation for the provinces (Najaf and Karbala), but as a matter of fact that it is an extension geographically with Iraq ‘s neighboring countries (Jordan, Saudi Arabia) ,and it constitutes a strategic goal for Iran and its intelligence services being important and a key ring in the stretch towards the Iraqi-Saudi border area and threatening the security of the Kingdom by the instruments and hands of armed militias linked to Iran and located in the district and in addition that the soil is containing oil stocks of 200 billion barrels of oil and it is the main route for Iranian pilgrims , and thus Iran seeks a Shiite cincture around Saudi Arabia.
it been promoting the security expansionist objective for Iran and militias associated with it in doing with the help of the Baghdad government in the construction of a road linking the city of Karbala and Al-Waleed border crossing and which passes the district of al-Nukhayib and the Habariyah area from Ain al- Tamur in Karbala and down to the al-waleed crossing to be used in the transfer of the Iraqis and Syrian fighters and , weapons and military equipments from Iran and Iraq to the inside of the Syrian territory.
and the Rawabet Center for Research and strategic Studies obtained an accurate and certain information from reliable sources for the presence of elements of the formations of the popular crowd in Nikhaib and near the headquarters of ( the leadership of the borders of the second zone) with fighters belonging to the militia linked to Iran under the name of (Abbas division) . ,
where the headquarters exposed on April 24 presented in 2016 to the bombing with (6) rockets from platforms placed in the North and South of Nukhayib and all were fallen near the mentioned headquarters and fighters of the popular crowd and the division of al- Abbas II.
our review to this important military information but we want to show the fact of the militias and military presence in the Nukhayib district and after the linkage of the existing military formations in this region to the ( Euphrates operations command ) after it was belonging to the operations of ( Al-jazeera ).
the pursuit of the Iranian intelligence and military services to be present on Iraqi soil and toward the interior depth of the territory of Saudi Arabia but sends messages of multiple trends and goals about a clear fact that is Iran can threaten the security and safety of Saudi Arabia using its arms stationed on the ground in Iraq and that the quest for presence in areas close to the common border but a means to achieve its military and security purpose specially after mounting several bases of missile’s launchers in Nikhaib directed towards the Saudi territory last year.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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