To What will lead the consensual rule “quota” in Iraq


It is Mistaken who thinks that the current political crisis represented by the formation of a new Iraqi government could end up with the “dismissal” of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri and his two deputies, and the complete of the features of its end in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and to exempt the president of the republic Fuad Masum from his post. The current political crisis is in fact a circle of political crises in Iraq, it is also the most complex and deeper than the dismissal and the withdrawal and the exemption of the Iraqi officials from political positions.

The roots of this crisis has been extended to the date of the ninth of April / May 2003, the date that former US President “George W. Bush” administration occupied Iraq, this administration did not help it to establish a similar system of government the American system, which was based on the concept of citizenship regardless of religious and national considerations of the American citizen. The political system in Iraq, which was built on a consensual system based on sectarian and nationalist affiliations preceded the creation of the modern state. This fragile consensus  among the  partners  of the political process of Kurds , Arabs, “Sunnis and Shiites” in Iraq was an adequate reason for all the political, economic, security and military crises witnessed by Iraq after the April / May 2003. It was also the cause of the subordination of Iraq under Iranian influence.

The policy of consensus and understandings of US- Iran led Nuri al-Maliki to become prime minister in Iraq. Instead of working on raising it in various domains like a “statesman” in the post-modernization! On the contrary, he worked on inflaming the sectarian and ethnic tensions in Iraq, and sought to concentrate power in his person, and established armed militias in the ministries of defense and interior, not obey only his command, committed horrific crimes which are countless. With the “withdrawal” of the US military, on the first of December 2011, the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki unleashed sectarian policies against Sunni Arabs and ethnic against Kurds . It also squandered the wealth of Iraq, and to make the “Bank” ICB centrally affiliated to the Iranian regime in order to ease the economic sanctions on it, and make Iraq a conduit for all of Iraqi and non-Iraqi Shiite militias to fight alongside the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is killing and still killing his own people to stay in power.

Iraq also occupied in his reign on the head of the list of most corrupt countries in the world . Iraqi fortunes he earned from the sale of Iraqi oil and worked on its waste , it was sufficient to rebuild the country that came out from under the rubble. Faced with this deteriorating situation , his opponents tried in vain to get rid of him , but on the contrary , he was succeeded to get rid of them such as Tareq al-Hashemi, Vice President of the Republic of Iraq. All it was done by the virtue of the support of the Iranian regime which was a high degree of cohesion in order to proceed in his authoritarian policies . It is clear from these policies that he is very impressed with dictators policies in the world such as former Soviet Prime Stalin, which his regime was called by Iron curtain due to the ruin of his opponents, and abhors democratic rule and Democrats as he did not bother himself in reading in the democratic governance systems and democratic rulers who believe in it like former French President Charles de Gaulle.

Nuri al-Maliki thought like other dictators in countries that are not classified yet, he will rule Iraq forever and ever but that the variable security was not taken to his account which was represented in the fall of Mosul in the hands of state regulation in Iraq and the Levant “Daash “in June 2014, noting that this event has weakened his position significantly, prompting US President Barack Obama administration and the Iranian regime to the compatibility again on another alternative to him from within his own party,” Dawa Party, “Shiite, and that man is Haider al-Abadi who inherited from Nouri al-Maliki , who became according to the conciliatory compliance policy Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq, all of his disastrous policies. Although the official release of him from the governance but he still plays with the Iraqi scene through tools planted inside Iraqi institutions and beyond of it , noting that this release hurt him, especially after the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has performed a package of “reforms” including the abolition of the post of Vice President of the Republic, so he seeks to aggravate and complicate the Iraqi scene as a whole, along the lines of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who allied with the rebels in order to return to power or to be one of his sons to share in it. Nuri al-Maliki appealed to him to be Ali Abdullah Saleh of Iraq.

Nuri al- Maliki, a leader of the ruling Dawa party, has been outspoken in his opposition to any change that can be occured to the system of quotas because of the reform, saying that change is the beginning to uproot “the Islamic regime.” al-Maliki considered that “what is happening inside the House of Representatives is a mature political movement”, in spite of his opposition earlier in the sit-ins in front of the Green Zone, which he said was “designed to overthrow the political process.”

Nuri al-Maliki is still dreaming of his return to the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, which various accusations were directed to him , being behind the sit in of the parliament and dismiss Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and pressure to prevent his return to the presidency of the parliament Council, Nuri al-Maliki and his allies to bet that to impose a “step down” Salim al-Jubouri, and the appointment of a pro one, It will facilitate the task of overthrowing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and later the Head of State Fuad Masum. There is no doubt that the effort of Nuri al-Maliki to return to the interface will bring a lot of trouble for the leaders of the political blocs, who have demonstrated a stand against his policies, particularly with regard to corruption. It is likely that the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to seek to create chaos as the only option in front of him that others foiled his bid to regain power.

The crisis of the current policy in Iraq does not lie in the Iraqi political system institutions per se , but rather in a consensual basis, which built it, the president of the republic must be of Kurdish nationalism, and Prime Minister of the Shiite community, and the President of the House of Representatives of the Sunni community, and in front of this political consensus Whatever the sincerity of the intentions of any Iraqi Prime Minister, it is very difficult to achieve anything noteworthy because he is governed by balances of that consensus, and evidenced by the changes made to the names of a government of technocrats which turned into names of Iraqi parties by political pressures exerted on the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

From the above it can be said that Iraq is at the stage after the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and that his regime is described a totalitarian regime, Iraq did not need this kind of consensual rule which has devoted the suffering of the Iraqi political, economic and security people, but was in dire need of a Savior who works to unite the people of Iraq as Gandhi served in India as this man, who embrace Hindosah- was able ,including of what he was enjoyed by elements of the non- physical force (prestige, obedience, influence) to unite all classes and components of Indian society against the British colonial power until the country’s independence in 1947. Because this man has not seized alone to rule his country after independence and he attributes to his person, and here are India Today, after decades of Independence represents the largest “democracy” in the world. Iraq today as it was yesterday, does not need to compromise a parliamentary political system as much as he needs a parliamentary political system based on citizenship, resulting in Gandhi Iraq. Otherwise it is difficult to state that Iraq remains unified in the rule which is based on the abhorrent sectarian quotas will eventually lead to the partition of Iraq.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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