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The occupation of Iraq and the lies of the American administration


At dawn on the nineteenth of March 2003, the aggressive US – Atlantic aircrafts began to fly in the sky of Iraq and it was heard the sound of a large and massive explosions in the capital (Baghdad) And air operations were began to launch a wide raids on the important headquarters and the main ones are the presidential sites and the presidential palace and the Ministry of Defense , these events are coincided with a military ground incursion across the Iraqi – Kuwaiti borders toward Basra province, specifically the regions (FAO Umm Qasr) with the launch a seaborne raid by US amphibious special forces across the water of Arabian Gulf to secure the surrounding area of the province of Basra and the surrounding areas of the of Iraqi oil fields and the expansion towards southern Iraq down to the Centers for important cities until they ( the battle of Nasiriyah) in which US and Iraqi forces were raged and was with the air help and coordination by the international coalition aircrafts until US forces managed to occupy the city of Nasiriyah center after a lot of engagement and continuous fighting with Iraqi military forces spread from Umm Qasr to Nasiriyah and its outskirts area.
the US coalition forces managed to advance toward the central and southern governorates of Iraq and engagement with all existing forces in it until it reached the capital , Baghdad, which was occupied after fierce fighting with Iraqi forces in the decisive battle which was taken place at Baghdad international Airport, where US forces have used better and more accurate weapons and military equipment and the internationally Forbidden weapons and air intensive air support which was lacking in the Iraqi forces , a factor that decided the battle in favor of the Americans.
the ninth day of April 2003 was the declaration of the occupation of Iraq and its territory and control over its wealth and being able to topple its political system, which the US administration has sought to achieve a strategic target in the Middle East region.
the declared goal , stated from the beginning of the aggression on Iraq is to strip Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction and disarmament of all nuclear and chemical and biological weapons , which that US and British officials claimed that they are acquired by Iraq and it threatens global peace and security with their declared statements about Iraq ‘s relationship with terrorist organizations and provide support and assistance for terrorism.
The field facts on the ground had proven , which came after months of the occupation of Iraq that the US administration and its allies were determined to occupy Iraq despite their knowledge of all the inaccuracies and lies that they tried to convince the international community with its aggression on Iraq , according to the following data :
1. Iraq ‘s non- possession of mass destruction weapons and did not prove the existence or manufacture of it , and this was confirmed by the US committee set up by US President George W. Bush after months of occupation headed by (David Ki) ,who gave a detailed integrated report on the third of October 2003 to the US Council of Senate that he announced it ( Iraq ‘s non-possession of weapons of mass destruction) after a field survey of the territory and all the sites that the US administration claims to the presence of arms in which the inability of the international inspection teams to access to it and pointed out that the situation in Iraq now is far more dangerous than it was before the war on it), which led President Bush to end the work of the Commission in January 2004.
2. It has been proven that Iraq has not any links to the international terrorism and the terrorist leadership associated with al Qaeda and did not prove that Iraq was threatening international peace and security and that was announced by US and British intelligence services after the occupation and indicated to the intellectual and ideological differences between al – Qaeda and the Baath Party which was ruling in Iraq at that time.
3. It has been confirmed for the international community that Iraq was committed to all relevant resolutions of United Nations , including the private resolution (1144) regarding the return of UN inspectors to Iraq and assuming inspection and conduct their business freely at the end of 2002 until days before the aggression.
4. The failure of the US administration to establish a democratic political system in Iraq and to consider Iraq an oasis of democracy for the Middle East and a model of the relationship between people and their government, so those in charge of the Iraqi file at the US administration could not achieve these dreams and wishes and Iraq has become weak and exhausted and its people suffer and struggling from the miserable living and a lack of services , health care , social welfare and the rise of unemployment and the spread of bribery, nepotism, corruption and lack of the most basic decent living requirements.
5.The occupation confirmed the fact of the grand deception brought by Colin Powell , US Secretary of State to the UN security Council meetings in February 2003 and promoted by among the permanent members and saying falsely (that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction), and this was disagreed by (Hans Blix) , head of the UN inspectors in charge of searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that his team did (not find any nuclear and Biological and chemical weapons but they found missile range of more than 150 km) named by Iraq at the time ( Samoud missiles) and Iraq agreed to destroy and blow them up .
these fallacies and fabrications and false allegations , which are contrary to the laws and regulations of the United nations and international law and diplomatic norms that define relations among States , led to the occupation, destruction and flagrant and grave violation for a big country which has had its depth and presence and its international, regional and Arab impact and to the loss of the rights and achievements of the aspirations of decent people who is of a deep – rooted civilization through the ages and centuries, so it was the crime of the century committed by the George W. Bush against the Iraqi people to occupy his land and country and violated its sanctities and control over its wealth and tampering with its inner security and deepen the split and tear among social components.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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