The Corruption shakes Iraq in the largest issue in its history


The Issue was not new , and the tricks of the corrupt did not fool any one who stole the resources of the country for more than 13 years, But more importantly , that these thefts will not remain forgotten forever, and there will be a daily consecutively for each new which is what we see today.
The Rawabet center for researches and studies tackled during the past period many of the documents that prove the involvement of Iraqi personalities and government bodies in charge, not to mention the suspicious transactions that have been shed light on them and revealed many important facts .
we dealt also in our previous articles the file of licensing rounds in Iraq, which is one of the largest theft and looting in Iraq ‘s history, and also is the largest disaster for Iraq and the economy, but the conditions of the chaos that has befallen Iraq, which an internal parties had sought to exacerbate it , prevented the disclosure or highlight on it ,noting that it was taken place because of systematic exclusion of national personalities, and flooding the country with economic, political and security crisis to form a cover to obscure the attention about these abuses and thefts in the Iraqi state, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars.
the largest part of these abuses hit the oil sector , it is through licensing rounds ,Iraq has lost a lot of revenues for the benefit of personalities occupied higher positions , it has taken advantage of the years of boom in the oil prices , which have exceeded the barrier of $ 115 a barrel in the world.
The oil sector is suffering in Iraq since the coming of American occupation forces to its territory of neglect, and waste as a result of the absence of professional policies and corruption that led to the loss of a large part of this important supplier for the Iraqi treasury .
The reports indicate that Iraqi losses from the illegally smuggled and exported oil abroad since 2003 , estimated at $ 120 billion.
An international report shakes Iraq :

We have been touched earlier to tell many operations of theft and looting in the Iraqi oil sector and in many other sectors, but apparently it began to take a broader echoes these days, not to mention the festering situation in Iraq due to the political crisis and popular protests, and the war on organization – Daash.
the official reports and information and media confirm , issued during the past year, the theft of more than half a trillion dollars from the Iraqi state funds during the reign of former Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki. The estimated value of these funds was more than half of oil revenues between 2003 and 2015 , estimated at $ 800 billion.
The investigative investigation conducted by “Fairfax Media” and “Havengtin Post” , published on Wednesday revealed “for thousands of documents” from the site of the company “Aunanwil” owned by an Iranian family based in the Principality of Monaco.
The investigation tackled what it was described with the transactions of the corruption under the oil contracts cover included high – ranking Iraqi officials, notably Higher Education Minister Hussein al – Shahristani , who is currently the Minister of Higher Education, who was deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the previous government and minister of oil in the government that preceded it and also Abdul Karim alaeibi , Iraq ‘s oil minister in the previous government, and also Dhia Jafar al – Musawi, the director of the South oil company, and Kifah Numan who took over the post as the director of the South oil –at the era of oil minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Uday Qurashi , a senior official at the South oil company, in addition to Basil aljarah who is the connecting link between the Iraqi officials and unaoil company which is an oil company and its HQ in the Emirate of Monaca, belonging to the Iranian personality named Ehsani Atta , who left Iran after the revolution in 1979, and in 1991 established the oil Consulting office in London before moving to Monaco.
here , the international report tells the role of the company (unaoil) which can be summarized to connect the major oil companies across the world to ensure the contracts for them in the Iraqi oil fields across the network worked on the establishment of the Iranian company , through the intermediary Basil Jarrah, an Iraqi resident abroad and has extensive relationships with characters that took power in Iraq after the US occupation in 2003.
the report explains in detail how the Aljarah was enabled to sell Iraqi oil fields across the Iranian company for paying bribes offered to officials in the Iraqi oil Ministry.
the report continues to list details about the largest files of corruption in Iraq ‘s modern history noting that the Millions of dollars spent in bribes to Iraqi officials during the period between 2005 to 2014, some of which went directly to Hussein al – Shahristani , former oil minister and to Abdul Karim Alaeibi , former Minister of petroleum, in addition to bribes paid directly by the Aljarah and the Iranian company to a smaller officials.
the teacher , “Hussain al – Shahristani” as he was called by the exploratory investigation that he is the most powerful man , but his name was a letter M in correspondence of Aljarah and the Iranian company on the one hand and his correspondence and Iraqi officials on the other hand, some of the correspondences were also referred to him as a “teacher.”
the report adds that the dealing with al – Shahristani , was not only in the era of his presidency for the oil ministry for the previous Maliki government , but since the previous session , where he was deputy prime minister for energy affairs, at a time when the company is also dealing directly and through the Aljarah with the former Minister of oil Abdul Karim Alaibi.

Here , the report mentions for one of the contracts that the company has sought to it was a contract with the Hewanda company, where the Iranian company offered to the Hewanda company to pay $ 7 million if they wish to obtain the contract, worth $ 100 million, which is the content of offer presented by Aljarah to the Iranian company for address of the Hyundai. company
, according to the report , the bribery was amounting to $ 7 million that will go in part to the teacher , “al – Shahristani , ” according to the Aljarah, and another part to the person named Ahmed al – Jubouri , who was apparently a connecting link between the Aljarah and al -Shahristani.
in one of the messages ,the Aljarah confirms that al – Jubouri agreed to one million US dollars vs. to ensure the win of the contracts for the Petrofac company and Dutch SBM company of the Garraf fields.
in 2010 and 2011 , Aljarah agreed to pay $ 20 million for Jabouri for that to influence Shahristani and Allaibi and seeks to persuade them to grant a share in the pipeline project for Leighton Maritime Corporation, a contract which is worth about $ 200 million.
in 2011 , the Iranian company paid the biggest bribe in history, worth $ 16 million to win the support of al – Shahristani , in order to get a hold of the pipeline which is estimated at $ 600 million.
many details and information are listed in the report to reveal the extent of idleness and systematic neglect by previous governments , which served as a fertile incubator for corruption, and allowed to exploit the capabilities of the Iraqi people for the benefit of external parties that have stolen and still the resources of the country and wreak corruption in it.
the report was met with wide reactions in the world, as a result of the information contained in the report , which made ​​it a major corruption case that must move to it because of its international ramifications.
and authorities in Monaco proceeded to raid the headquarters of Aunanwil company and the homes of company officials and the questioning of senior officials, according to a statement to the authorities of the emirate.
the statement pointed out that the operation took place at the request of the serious counter Fraud Office in the UK “it is a major corruption issue and an international repercussions. ”
Abadi Office announced that the latter issued a directive to the integrity Commission to take legal proceedings regarding the reported investigations about oil licenses contracts held by the previous governments .
here , we say; this is not all! Iraq has lost hundreds of billions of dollars since the entry of the American occupation forces in 2003, and the accompanying looting and thefts affected all the capabilities of the country, chiefly the oil.
And we come back as a reminder that the time of the mandate of the former Prime Minister Nuri al -Maliki , was full of corruption and deals of billions which this era was characterized as the period in which the oil prices arrived to its peak, and in contrast the country was under the yoke of poverty, unemployment, lack of security and stability , and opened the wide door in front of Iranian hands to do in the country as it likes.
today Iraq is suffering from the effects of corruption , which snap the all joints of life in Iraq, not to mention the collapsed financial conditions because of the deficit that was accompanied by annual budgets accompanied by lack of development and the persistence of crises and postponed it over the past years, In addition, the lack of security and the confrontation with al Daash, which made ​​Iraq today on the brink of economic collapse because of these accumulations and  this is the tip of the iceberg , and we could see in the coming period , more of these cases and scandals that will reveal the extent of corruption in Iraq.

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