Sources of altaghier :Russian bombers coming from Iran violates Iraqi air space heading to Syria


Private sources of altaghier revealed that the formations of Russian bombers (Tu 22) violated Iraqi airspace from the direction of Iranian airspace heading to the Syrian airspace and it was at altitude pf seven km to eight and half ml and in speed between nine hundred km and nine hundred and fifty km per hour and the. Sources said that the formations violated Iraq ‘s airspace sequentially back and forth from Iran to Syria through Iraq and periods of time apart and private sources of .

altaghier added also on 28 of the last month where they spotted violations of the Turkish side to the atmosphere of Iraq where Turkish reconnaissance aircraft -drone, violated Iraqi airspace for entry into distance 26 km flying over the areas Sindy,Dahuk, Russi,Sarsank,Amadiyah, Aqra and zakho continuously for about seven hours ,then turned back toward the Turkish territory and the formation of two fighter planes violated through the north sector in areas Berwari bales ,Amadiyah,Noarcan and stayed in the Iraqi airspace for more than an hour and observers criticized official silence on the violation of Iraqi airspace by Russian and Turkish planes keeping silent about it that makes Iraq incomplete of sovereignty over its air spaces and territories⁠⁠⁠⁠.

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