The Attitude of Shiita Militants towards the declaration of Sinjar Annexation


In a move that could have repercussions on the political and security Scene  in Iraq, the head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq  , Massoud Barzani,  announced  in his press conference held in the city of Sinjar in  the current   November  of 13th    for its  annexation  to  its territory  when  the   Peshmerga forces  was able of the liberation of the city from the control of the organization State in Iraq and the Levant.

Barzani stressed saying :  we will not be raising any flag other than the flag of the Kurdistan region in Sinjar, and  “the Arab population, who have not stained their hands with the blood of the Kurdish Yazidis  ,  are our brothers,” referring to retain the city  of Sinjar, and annexed  it to the territory of the region of Kurdistan  which is governed by the Kurds since 1991, where Sinjar    was  belong  to the  province of northern Nineveh   before it was taken  by the organization in the last year . And he confirmed saying :”Sinjar was liberated with the blood of the peshmerga, and became part of Kurdistan.”

Barzani stressed that the Liberation of Sinjar  is  of  great importance, and will affect a lot in the  liberation  process of Mosul, there is no doubt that the victory anywhere has an impact in other areas. He explained that the Peshmerga courageously   retaliated  upon  Daash  noting that nobody    preceded  of  the Peshmerga in the liberation of Sinjar. He said he will work with the central government in order to convert Sinjar   to province .. calling on all parties and the international community to the reconstruction of Sinjar.He stressed that the Kurdish  Yazidis , population of Sinjar  was  an essential part of the Kurdish  people,  and the liberation of their city   is a lesson to those who try to attack   the Kurdish people, as the Peshmerga has retaliated to the crimes  committed by Daash militants  against the  Yazidis Kurds .

At the official level, the Iraqi prime minister refused   Barzani’s decision to raise the Kurdish flag on    the liberated Sinjar   from the organization “Daash” calling to raise the Iraqi flag   as substitute. The head of the Iraqi parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, for his part , called on  the loyalty to be to the country, warning that the migration of Sunnis and Shiites from their areas led  mixed areas  to be  devoid of its original inhabitants.

The position of the Shiite militias and political forces linked to Iran towards the Declaration of annexation  was more resenful than at the official level, where the conflict intensified between the Kurds and the Iraqi Shiite militias on the city because   the  leader of    Iraqi Asaib  Ahl. Al- Haq  Qais al-Khazali,  considered   Sinjar  as an occupied  area by the Peshmerga forces, after ending the control of state regulation recently and Khazali said  in a statement on November 15 th  , “that the  control of Peshmerga  over  Sinjar is an  occupation  which  is  more complex than the occupation of state regulation. And  for his part, the  former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, head of the coalition of the law state  said:  that the security forces will regain Sinjar district in the province of Nineveh, from the control of the Peshmerga forces in the next few days. And  the MP of  the   law  coalition  Ibtisam Hilali said in a statement that the liberalization of the Sinjar district by  the Peshmerga forces    from  “Daash” gangs does not mean that the  district has become part of Kurdistan .. she confirmed that the next few days will witness a solution to the crisis, and  the control of the security forces   on  the Sinjar district   completely. She added that the liberalization of   Sinjar by the Peshmerga forces  from “Daash” is not different    from  the   Liberation  of Sinjar   by Army forces  taking into the consideration   that  Sinjar  is an  important Iraqi  region and the task of its  liberation from terror  is  the duties of everyone.

The matter did not stop to this point  , but the blogs and websites on “Facebook” and “Twitter” page and blogs of the popular militias crowd   were reducing the role of the Peshmerga in the liberation of the city of Sinjar, and warning of the future role of the Peshmerga and the Kurds. Shiite militias said that the Kurds have  declared victory while the battle fought by the Americans and its   pages on social  networking sites  described   talking  about the liberation of  Sinjar  by the Kurdish  forces , from the hand of state regulation is  just a “lie” lacks physical evidence,  and said that the task carried out by the entire US forces and attributed  it to  the Kurds in the media to influence the morale of the Shiite factions.
Accounts  run  by factions of the popular crowd   on sites of  “Facebook” and “Twitter”  called     Kurdish  field leaderships  to provide scenes of battles they have fought against state regulation in the city of Sinjar, or view the bodies of dead of the organization; that Kurdish media said it exceeded 200 bodies.
“Tuz” account   devoted , on the site  on “Facebook”,  most of its publications to discredit Kurdish novel in the battle of Sinjar, including information which he  said that the US military told the Kurdish forces  about     the decision of  attack only few hours before the  execution of  the operation , and that   the role  of the latter was limited to media impressions, and they had no real action during the battle.

The account  considered  that the Peshmerga forces , itself,  which was withdrawn  over a year ago in front of the state regulation, and that the US Aviation alone prevented a major disaster might have taken place in the  the Kurdish region in northern Iraq   in case  the organization continued   to creep after the control of the Sinjar  and parts of Kirkuk.

Furthermore, Shiite   register ,”Abu  Gadhib Al-sadderi  ” said the American planes carried out an unprecedented bombardment on the city of Sinjar before entering the Kurdish forces; which said that an army of Americans have been long awaited away from the cameras to intervene in the event of any sudden order .

Al- Sadri ” of the militia Saraya peace   added , one of the factions of the crowd, that Sinjar process was a  pure  American ones  , and that the Kurdish  troops  took only the role of media, and he  talked about the Kurdish militants to  blew up some of the houses, and shooting at  air for taking photo  only,  and  mentioned  that  no one clash  was taken place  on the ground, between the elements of the organization and the Kurdish fighters. Al-sadri  claimed ” that his information derived from sources within the Peshmerga forces.

In a series of Tweets on the site “Twitter”, he said  that he is proud of  “Rafidya account indicating  that “the Americans  baptized to  the polishing of Kurdish forces in Kobanî battles and areas in Kirkuk, and returned today to do the same performence  of liberation but in another area, a Sinjar.”

The account added  that these  alleged  victories  which  Americans ascribes  for the Peshmerga forces is to give them legitimacy in the stretch to many areas outside the Kurdish region, and to urge European countries to increase their support and arming and training of these forces, adding that Shiite rule is the target at the end of the growing strength of the Peshmerga.

Mr. Hadi al-Moussawi  said  that the most dangerous enemy  facing the  followers of  Ahl al-Bayt  after the organization are Kurds and adding  that their influence recently began to increase . He added: ” their danger is grown  and the people in charge should  pay attention to this matter before it is too late.”

Moussawi   noted via the Albashaer   account   that the warning of the Kurds is not a new phenomenon, and said that the  scientists  of mudhab   like     al-Tusi and Kulayni and Ibn Idriss Al-huli ; have warned   of them hundreds  years ago citing  with  some of the talks  which he said  that  should be wary of the Kurds and to refrain from Dealing with them.

Al-Musawi   warned of the  style  of the “American Satan and the forces of global arrogance aimed to portray the Kurds as the only party capable of defeating al state and liberating the land from it , which means at the same time that the popular crowd  is  incapable  on the performance of this task, and here lies the core and essence of the Kurdish American line, as he put it .

The least we can respond to this  unjustified attack by militias and its electronic mail  by  saying  :  it is  no doubt that there is a vast difference between those who fight for human dignity and pride, regardless of nationality and his  madhab as  forces Peshmerga, and  those who  their  composition is based on a historic complex that runs from the doctrine of hatred and antagonism of others, and the extract of freedom and human dignity as it  is the case with the popular crowd militias. So  the  Peshmerga institution  which was built on the principles of liberty and virtue, and instilling the principles of horsemanship at peace and war time  represent in Tuz       an impregnable Dam to stand against the transgression of the elements of  popular crowd  militias  on civilians, and to prevent them from practicing their hobby in killings, looting and an insult to the Sunni Arab component in the city, which did not live up to these militias   so They responded to these practices, both in Tuz or in any Arab Sunni area in Iraq.

These  bloodthirsty  militias  who  dogged by defeats on the battlefield, despite the Iraqi government’s support for these militias and arming them with various modern heavy weapons from Western countries, especially from the United States devoted mainly to the Iraqi army, and despite Iran’s armament and  have employment of military personnel  advisers, and support  of  Air western US coalition  to their ground movements , in addition to the Russian support, which recently entered the Iraqi scene line, in addition to the large media support enjoyed by these militias and the harness  of all  Iraqi media organizations  and its    spreading  false news about the   mock wins and  in spite of all this  kinds of support , these militias have failed to achieve any real victory against state regulation “Daash” in all the fighting axes, keeping the little victories here and there. All of this failure and frustration caused them to commit horrific abuses against unarmed civilians to compensate military defeats.

These militias  ,   that criticize the  statement of the   President of Iraqi Kurdistan region  Massoud Barzani  and warns of the  future dangerous  role of the Iraqi Kurds,  committed crimes against humanity of  the Sunni Arab component and their violations of human rights and reached to the extent that can no longer be covered up  even by their leaders  who  have acknowledged it. But they justified it  as individual cases that  do not represent  a general  tendency of  these militias, but the   maraji Alsistni ,  a few days ago ,  put aside some field commanders of these militias, as well as the freezing of Saraya lsalam  by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr  because of the violations carried out by those Saraya and statements of the organizations concerned with human rights for the presence of such  crimes, thus it made clear beyond any doubt that the practices carried out by these groups up to the level of war crimes and crimes of genocide and against humanity, and this  is a public culture  that  characterize these groups , not individual as claimed  by  those who advocate of it .

Here we can say that the Kurdish Peshmerga does not constitute a danger, but it comes from  these militias  which  is turned out to  a military force to be more sway and armed than the Iraqi military establishment   which makes any talk of civil peace in Iraq in the future impossible,  so the danger  of these militias that  it maintained  the support of some corrupt parties in the Iraqi government , although they are  outlawed gangs and unconstitutional.

And it can be said that the post of state regulation in Iraq and the Levant “Daash”  , Iraq will not be enjoyed  by civilian  peace  and stability as long as these militias exist in Iraq and underestimate Iraqi man and his blood, and its gravity is not confined to the  Arab Sunni and Kurdish  components, but exceeded  them to include the Shiite component that is supposed to enjoy a little calm and stability to build a human being and the reconstruction of its regions, not to remain in the cycle of bloody armed political rivalries through these paid groups of regional countries which  has nothing to do with Iraqi  interest .

In order that   Iraq do not enter  in a new spiral of bloodshed after getting rid of Daash, it is incumbent upon the private components of Iraq (Arab Sunnis and Kurds) call on the international community and its institutions to include these militias (Badr and gangs of  Ahl. Al-Haq) as a terrorist organization and it  is supposed that their leaders to be tried  as  it was done by the Syrian opposition  a few days ago when   it called  the international community and international organizations  for the inclusion of certain organizations in Syria on the list of terrorist organizations and  urged   to root them out.

The question in this context, what is the meaning of this liberation  in American policy toward Iraq and its implications for the Krdstan region ?

The US desperation of the Iraqi army has reached its peak these days, where it appeared the United States is fully dependent on forces  of Kurdish  “Peshmerga” in major battles in front of the organization of the Islamic State “Daash”, these forces which  its training  was  overseen  by more than 3,500 US military expert who  praise their  combat capabilities.

These forces decided to fight a decisive battle with the organization of the Islamic State “Daash” in Sinjar town, which lies on a main line to supply regulation  from  3-axis in Iraq, at a time when government Abadi  in Baghdad  failed  to wage a real influential  battle  in front of Daash yet.

It could be argued that the United States hopes to repeat the previous battles scenarios for the Kurds in front of Daash, which is the most important battle of Ain al-Kubani, which is seen by some as a reminder of  passage of kurds  into the arms of the United States, after their forces  completely succeeded in expelling the elements  of Daash  from the city,  inflicting  heavy losses and the largest defeat at all on the  state regulation .

The United States also believes that the time  has come  for a new round of battles in front of state regulation on the ground, where  Americans estimates that the organization is  weaker than it was in the past due to  the  attrition  that was  occurred as a result of the expansion of its land with the increasing pressure of air attacks on it .  Kurds and the Americans are shared   In their vision of Daash now, which says that the organization Daash today   is engaging  in a negative defensive war and not as seen  in the past ,so it  is no longer  to be  able to maintain the military centers dominated by it    by adopting    attack strategy.

The Kurds present themselves to  the United States in this battle  as a unified faction  which is  most capable of this  fateful confrontation , after the failure of the Iraqi army  to run any successful battles with the state regulation (Daash), where it was proven the failure of the  project of  adoption of the Iraqi army in confrontations with state regulation  noting  that the Army was  restructured on a  sectarian basis  which  made ​​the army  to  fight as a militias and  non-uniform target, while the   situation   is  different    in the Kurdish troops  which  is  fighting behind a unified military doctrine and  the  the United States touched it  during the supervision on  the training of  units of  the Kurdish forces.

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