Terrorism in Paris, its prospects and its extensions


The terrorist attacks that took place on Friday evening in November 2015 13 French capital (Paris) have come to confirm the fact that terrorism is not restricted to a specialized area or country, but it includes all countries of the world, and that the policy and aim of the terrorists are to plant the state of fear and panic in the hearts of citizens and kill many of them and implementation of revenge policy and cause confusion in all places where the terrorists are expected to achieve victory in the media and international voice that strengthens the morale of their supporters and sympathizers that they have deterrence , confrontation and influence tools anywhere.
But we are in front of a grave and important event represented by the accuracy of implementation and the choice of targets in a scientific and thoughtful ways with timings reflect the experience and knowledge in the terrorist field work, it also indicates the fact that terrorism and those behind it possess a thorough study and they have accurate information and influence on the ground, because the nature of the goals that have been targeted in (Paris) confirms these impressions in the presence of an official important figures at the level of the head of state and targeted their places means that there is a great security breach performed by elements of terrorism who resides in France.
If we take into consideration the international position of the Government of France and its participation in the leadership of the international coalition and the targeting of militants and places of Islamic state organization in Syria and follow-up sleeper cells or cooperators with the regulation or sympathetic with the elements in the cities of France, so the terrorists wanted to deliver a message to the government of france that it is able to rob their sleep in their own homes.
As the voice message broadcast by regulation, which indicated that its followers were able to do ( the blessed invasion ) in the city of Paris, capital of the French state and it achieved its objectives in targeting many important places, and it indicates to us the following observations and facts:
1. The organization of the Islamic state wanted to show all concerned parties and observers and its supporters that it has possibility to reach any goal it wants and achieve goals in any process of its implementation schemes and accurately with high results at the field level .
2. Terrorist acts took place in time the countries of the world are preparing for two important events and they are : the Vienna consultations on the Syrian issue at the second meeting of the Ministers of the concerned countries to dissolve the Syrian problem and the G20 conference countries to be held in the Turkish city of Antalya, and these two conferences were overshadowed by these terrorist attacks and the nature of the results meetings discussions were affected by it .
3.The terrorist act took place after several failures of fighters of state regulation in the areas of Baiji , Siniyah in the province of Salahuddin and Sinjar district of the province of Nineveh and their withdrawal of these important strategic areas in Iraq, with the failure that has accompanied the process to control (Kwers airport) in Syria so it had come to confirm that terrorism has the potential to achieve its goals in other areas of the world.
4.The organization works to re-structure and the spread of its fighters in Iraq and Syria and use all methods and means which qualifies him to take advanced acts in European depth and the choice of the city of (Paris) a place to implement , only wants to deliver a message for those concerned in its follow-up that it has a great potential and different methods through which to confirm its continuity and continuation of its health .
5.The organization in this process used a number of Alangmasien people reached ( 8) people wearing explosive sophisticated belts and carrying automatic machine guns , and these groups with their few numbers managed to bring about a security collapse and paralysis of life in a number of important areas in the French capital (Paris) and reach their targets accurately reflect the seriousness and accurate follow-up to places where operations carried out.
6. Most speeches and recordings that had previously issued by Al-furkan institution of the media center for the organization of the Islamic state related to speeches of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his aides had been urging and suggest for the expansionist targets of state organization and its extension and that the fighting will continue to face (the crusaders and the tyrants) and their insistence on a continuous crawl until they reach the (Rome ) in accurate referring to the Vatican being a religious and political symbol for Christians and a clear message to Europeans to gain access to their own countries.
7.The organization tried to deliver messages to Muslims that their conflict with the Christians aims to threaten European countries affiliated under the international coalition and provoke Muslims who are in the participating countries to carry out terrorist operations.
8. The organization sought , with its known and usual policy since the announcement of the caliphate in the city of Mosul after control of the organization on it in June 2014 , to assert that the conflict must be a Muslim-Christian and is the brainchild of the organization and their leaders who seek to deepen the extremist ideology in the lives of Muslims.
9. The expansion of scope of the Organization enemies circle of the North Africa and Europe within the goals of the organization and its extensions and witnessed by Arab countries such as Egypt, Libya and now in the French capital (Paris) and may be extended to include other European countries.
10. The implementation of these terrorist operations based on a strategy to move within the countries in which the elements of the collaborators, volunteers and believers of ideas of the Islamic state organization exist and an invitation to the sleeping cells of organization to carry out the killing and bombing aimed at destabilizing the security and stability in the European countries and creating a state of terror and fear among the citizens.
11. Those who carried out this work challenged all the enemies of the organization of the participants in the leadership of the international coalition, stressing that they are unable to confront and end its role and weaken it in areas where there were a military conflict against it and what is planned against it will fail , and that the participants of the international coalition will not frighten its fighters , no matter how planned and gathered and mobilized against them.
12. The invitation of the organization fighters in European countries to raise the slogan ( each one who fights the Islamic state would be doomed to death) and here a clear signal and a sign of profound continued approach of confrontation, progress and crawl to achieve the goals of the organization.
13. Enhancing the concept of the hatred idea adopted by the organization to invite all Muslims who are around the world to target (Crusaders) wherever they are , referring to Europeans and the use all harmful means against them like improvised explosive devices, or bombing belts or bomb cars to inflict physical harm as they call them ( Crusaders ) and infidels .
14. The technique used to implement operations was a strategy of organization work in the realization of the principle ( surprise and shock) and is one of the cornerstones in the face of the enemies of the organization where they surprised all the French security services and made a great shock that led to their paralysis and weakened appropriate response of their deeds, leading to a complete paralysis at the moment of first encounter by the security forces in pursuing the perpetrators and they caused shock among the citizens who were in an intensive rush and scramble to escape to cause the increase in the number of deaths and injuries caused by terrorist operations.
15. This style is one of the important methods which may be the introduction and the beginning of the frantic activity carried out by elements operating within the organization of the Islamic State Department and preparing to announce the beginning of the formation of cells may work within the organization announced itself is a (organization of a terrorist Khorasan ), which is growing strongly and to extend within Afghan territory and has combat activities inside Syrian territory , and its leaders and fighters targeted by airplanes of the international coalition, and we believe that this regulation will be an extension of the organization of the Islamic state in the future and its objectives are the proliferation and expansion across Afghan territory towards southern Iran and extension to the North Africa countries, particularly the Arab countries, which lies north of the Mediterranean Sea next to the south of Europe to form an extension of its goals and its quest to take actions directed inside the European depth .
That events are accelerating and the facts prove the reality and the goals of this organization and its quest to stretch toward Europe and the countries of the world, will we see in the coming days what it confirms the fact of this orientation and activity and the expansion of the work of sleeper cells which disturb security and stability in the countries of the world, or we will see a stop to creep and expansion of the organization due to the international effort to combat terrorism and activities of the Global intelligence agencies?

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