Qatar: Diplomatic relations with Egypt resumed via written correspondence

Doha denied on Thursday holding meetings with Qatar, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, stressing that diplomatic relations were resumed solely through “written correspondences”, Reuters reported.

Reuters reported an Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement conveying: “The Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar exchanged, today, January 20, 2021, two official memoranda, in virtue of which the two countries agreed to resume diplomatic relations.”

It also reported two Egyptian intelligence sources on Wednesday stating that a Qatari Foreign Ministry official pledged, in a meeting with Egyptian and Emirati security officials, that Qatar would not interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs,

As a result, on Thursday, a Qatari official reiterated that no such meeting had taken place and that diplomatic relations were restored “via written correspondence referencing the Al-Ula Agreement” reached at the summit in Saudi Arabia.

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