Lebanon’s Supreme Judicial Council: ‘Corruption allegations made by interior minister are unacceptable’

(Middle East Monitor) Lebanon’s Supreme Judicial Council has stated that the allegations made by Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi about widespread corruption in the judicial system and among judges are false, confirming that Fahmi’s accusations are “unacceptable, intolerable and untrue”.

The Lebanese interior minister indicated on Friday in a televised interview that corruption rates in Lebanon are very high, especially among parliament deputies, judges, retired officers and mayors, adding that most violate the law.

Fahmi also suggested that about 95 per cent of Lebanese judges are corrupt.

The council conveyed in a statement today that the allegations made by Interior Minister Fahmi should not come from those upon whom the people rely to build the state and its institutions.

The statement stressed that the judicial council is performing most of its duties in extremely difficult circumstances and expects to receive support from the authorities and state institutions.

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