Iraq: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (September 2020)

(Relief-web) In September 2020, humanitarian partners reported fewer access incidents than in any other month since the beginning of the year.

The number of access-related incidents and reports, and the low number of people affected (13,500 beneficiaries), indicated in this snapshot does not fully reflect the extent of access challenges and bureaucratic impediments faced by humanitarian partners, as many partners are unable to operate due to lack of access letter approvals from the National Operations Centre, which has been an ongoing challenge since late November 2019, when the Federal government suspended the national-level access authorization mechanism for non-government organisations (NGOs). On 21 September, OCHA conducted a rapid survey to determine the impact of the lack of national access authorization for nongovernmental organizations working in Iraq; most respondents, with a caseload of more than 287,000 beneficiaries, had not received national access authorization in September.

Of the 36 incidents reported, approximately 62 per cent occurred in Al-Anbar and Ninewa. Although restrictions on humanitarian movements were the most reported type of access constraint, with 72 per cent reported, including 62 per cent affecting UN agencies, there were also several reports of civilian or security authorities requesting names and details of NGO staff, and details regarding beneficiaries from organizations.

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