Iraq warns Turkey it could file UN complaint against incursion in north

(The National) Iraq said on Friday it might file an official complaint to the UN Security Council if Turkey does not halt its military operations against Kurdish fighters in the north.

“We reject any unilateral action that would harm our sovereignty. We started with a statement of condemnation and may resort to gathering support from the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation and could file a complaint to the UNSC,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Al Sahaf said in a statement.

The “unilateral” action taken by Turkey will not “enhance security nor will it result in joint efforts to combat terrorism”, Mr Al Sahaf said.

Baghdad has requested an emergency meeting of the Arab League meeting to discuss the issue, he said.

Iraq has repeatedly said that the presence of Turkish troops in the country was a “blatant breach of the UN charter” and was not authorised by the government.

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