Minister of Water Resources: The Condition Of All Dams Throughout Iraq In Very Good Condition


Minister of Water Resources, Jamal Al-Adly, confirmed that “the dams in all of Iraq are in very good condition, and we have enough water storage to secure water for all agricultural lands.”

A statement issued by the Ministry stated, “Al-Adly and an accompanying delegation visited the dams, especially Jai and Al-Azim in the provinces of Kirkuk and Diyala, to see the operational measures taken by the dam administration and the rehabilitation and maintenance work in Al-Azim Dam to repair the damages incurred by them due to the sabotage actions of the terrorist ISIS gangs, as well as to check the water storage achieved for the current year.”

“The state of the dams in all of Iraq is in very good condition and we have sufficient water storage to secure water for all irrigated agricultural lands. It is hoped to achieve agricultural production that exceeds what was achieved in the past year, especially in the strategic crops of wheat, barley and rice crop.

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