Allawi: The State Of Non-State Prevails In Iraq With The Continuing Of Mass Killings And Kidnappings


The media office of the President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, said: “The non-state prevails in Iraq with the continuing mass killings, kidnappings and assassinations.”

The office said in a press statement: “While we strongly condemn the attack on diplomatic bodies or missions, we regret the non-state to prevail in Iraq, with mass killings, kidnappings, assassinations, arrest and forced absenteeism continuing, and the burning of peaceful protesters tents, in full view of the government and its security forces with its different formations and nomenclature, and even with the participation of some of them in suppressing the defenseless and peaceful protesting people, not to mention the state of chaos in the country, which is intended to push the people to give up and surrender to injustice. ”

He added: “The non-state power was the reason for the call of the world to save Iraq from ISIS, but the non-state power government failed to define the rules of engagement, and the US-led coalition forces helped eliminate ISIS.”

He continued: “What brings us back to the memory is the position of some of the figures who danced in joy at the time of the occupation, and called on it to dissolve the valiant Iraqi army, to dissolve the important state institutions in Iraq, to implement politically the law of de-Baathification, not judicial, and to achieve the principles of abhorrent sectarian quotas, at the time we struggled these policies, which we have paid a heavy price for our opposition to them. ”

He pointed out: “The attempt to stick charges against some of the forces that fought ISIS from the popular mobilization is counterfeit to the truth, a dangerous revelation and misleading to the international community, and throwing the ball in the battlefield of the fighting popular mobilization instead of throwing it into the perpetrators from some security forces.”

He concluded by saying, “The request to leave the international coalition forces is currently rejected, and it is not the solution.” Noting: “The solution, in our opinion, lies in setting a consensual timetable for its withdrawal after the completion of the Iraqi military and security capabilities in terms of equipment, armament, and information. Otherwise, Iraq will find itself facing the influence of regional powers, foremost of which is Iran, and the growing influence of ISIS and the dreaded extremist terrorism, which is rebuilding its capabilities in the country of the non-state.

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