Basra Operations Commander Directs Large Deployment Of Army To Secure Peaceful Demonstrators


Basra Operations Commander Lieutenant-General Qassem Jassem Nazzal directed a large deployment of the Iraqi army in the province to secure the external environment for the presence of peaceful demonstrators and prevent the entry of intruders, saboteurs, and rioters into the squares, provided that they do not leave the designated places and do not demonstrate in public and open places that led to target them over the past two days.

Nazzal said: “The leadership stressed, more than once, during the meeting with the coordination committees, the need not to demonstrate outside the designated places.”

He added: “The security forces, from the first day of the start of the demonstrations, have taken upon themselves the responsibility to protect the demonstrators, but the lack of commitment by some of them puts us and them in a position of embarrassment and exposes them to direct targeting by outlaws.”

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