The Cabinet Approves Recommendations to Develop Gas and Reduce Dependence on Imported


In the framework of the government’s efforts to enhance self-sufficiency in energy and reduce dependence on imported gas, the Council of Ministers approved a recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council (paragraph 4 No. 8 of 2020) to approve contracts for the fifth licensing round related to the development of border fields, areas, and gas fields in Diyala Governorate, which would produce more than 750 million standard cubic feet of gas within 36 months.

The Ministerial Council for Energy also formed a specialized committee to follow up on all gas projects associated with international and national companies to increase production levels and develop the pipeline network and ensure the necessary financing for government projects during the next twelve months as a first stage aimed at resolving the fuel shortage crisis required for power stations and ending gas burning and investment operations, up to Self-sufficiency.

The Ministerial Council for Energy authorized the Ministry of Oil to secure alternative fuels for power stations to meet demand until the crisis eased and improve the performance of the energy system in all its sectors in general.

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