Finance Minister from Davos: The Caretaker Government is Weaker Than Before


Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein said that the caretaker government is weaker than before, with political parties grappling and continuing demonstrations.

“We are concerned about the repercussions of the US-Iranian conflict and the possibility of it turning into a war,” Hussein added, during his participation in a dialogue session within the work of the third day of the Davos Economic Forum. “We have seen some of the results of this conflict in Iraq, but we do not know where things will happen in the future.”

He explained that “the conditions were good in Iraq until last September and the government was able to build parallel relations with other countries,” noting that “the caretaker government is weaker than the previous on in fact, especially with the political parties struggling alongside the continued demonstrations.”

He pointed out that “President of the Republic Barham Saleh discussed with Trump in Davos ways to deal with the House of Representatives decision to remove foreign forces.”

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