Can Blockchain solve Brexit’s border puzzle? Experts are skeptical

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A team of experts has come up with a plan to use blockchain tracking for trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to avoid the re-imposition of a hard border after Britain leaves the European Union.

The ELAND consortium said on Monday that its proposal would involve building a secure freight transit system based on digital-locking containers, GPS routing records, automated certification and anti-tampering enforcement with every detail recorded in a blockchain time-series database.

“In essence, it is a bonded warehouse on wheels, and cuts the Gordian knot of how the UK can both leave the EU and maintain the guarantees set out in the Good Friday Agreement,” ELAND CEO Charles Le Gallais said in a statement.

“We are enabling the seamless movement of goods across borders to continue without the need for an Irish backstop,” said Le Gallais, a former British soldier whose team includes business leaders, haulage experts and technology engineers.

Le Gallais told Reuters that British Brexit officials and the Irish parliament had been briefed on the plan.

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