Sudan’s military rulers and opposition alliance meet for talks in Khartoum

KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Sudan’s military rulers and the main opposition alliance met at a Khartoum hotel on Wednesday to restart talks over who should lead Sudan toward elections.

Negotiations between the two parties had collapsed a month ago, after members of the security services raided a sit-in protest camp outside the defence ministry.

The opposition has been staging protests to demand the military give up power since April, when the armed forces toppled President Omar al-Bashir, ending his 30-year rule after months of demonstrations.

The Forces of Freedom and Change opposition alliance said it was prepared for direct talks with the ruling Transitional Military Council over who should head a sovereign council to lead Sudan toward elections.

The opposition alliance said the talks, launched in response to a call for negotiations from an Ethiopian mediator, should last three days. It also called on the government to release political prisoners.

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